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    Are you looking for suitable evaluation tools for health promotion initiatives for older people and other target groups?
    The healthPROelderly project (2006-2008) developed and adopted four evaluation methods and tested them in 33 best-practice case study evaluations. All tools were successfully used in 11 European countries.
    Download the following tools and use them for your own projects and purposes:
    • Document analysis: This tool (excel sheet) follows a reduction process in three steps. Texts from original documents (e.g. evaluation reports, final reports, website texts) can be reduced to a minimum – extracting the most important contents. Download this tool here.
    • Interview guide: This tool is a semi-structured interview guide. It was already used to ask different key persons from health promotion projects for older people about the success of their projects (e.g. key researcher, manager, older people themselves). It also includes a protocol (date, time frame of the interview etc.) and basic instructions for the interviewer. The interview guide is structured according to structure, process and outcome evaluation questions. Download this tool here.
    • SWOT-analysis: The SWOT-analysis tool can be used for the evaluation of already existing health promotion projects (for older people and other target groups). It can be filled out by any person who knows the project well (manager, key researcher, evaluator, participant etc.). The SWOT-analysis helps to see strengths and weaknesses of already existing projects and seeks to be an instrument for improving current and sustainable interventions. It can also be used to evaluate ended health promotion projects. Download this tool here.
    • Cost-effectiveness analysis: This tool is a cost-effectiveness analysis following 7 steps (adopted from: McKenzie et al. 2005). Data for the analysis can be drawn from documents, from interviews and also from other reliable sources. Download this tool here.
    • Quality criteria: In the course of the healthPROelderly project 16 quality criteria for successful health promotion initiatives were developed. Download the list of quality criteria here.
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