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Country Austria
ProjectnameActive retirement
Projectname (nationale language)Aktiver Lebensabend
  • EURAG Austria
Type of organisationpublic
Project managerMrs. Käthe Pumpernig
Relevance of the modelProject addressing a broader theme, interesting lessons to be learned for health promotion of older people (e.g. side-effects on health promotion)
  • Older men
  • Older women
  • City
  • Local community
Funded by

City of Graz and Federal State of Styria

Short summaryThe campaign has been existing since 1964 and provides social and recreational opportunities to older people in the city of Graz. Once a week seniors have the possibility to meet up in one of ten so-called "Tagesbegegnungsstätten" (meeting centres). The groups are run and supported by volunteers. Today, the initiative has about 500 members in the city of Graz.
Main objectives
  • Preventing the elderly from isolation.
  • Promoting cultural and social exchange between the elderly.
  • Supporting older people physically, psychologically and socially, irrespective of their political opinions, religion or race.
  • The club leaders organise activities according to the needs and interests of the target group.
Main activities
  • Social get-togethers.
  • Host-speakers are invited to present and discuss certain topics (travelling, nutrition).
  • Retired doctors or lawyers give advice to older people on legal issues, care and health related topics.
  • Excursions are organised.
  • All groups (about 14 in the city of Graz) are led by volunteers. Active Retirement is an activity organised by older people for older people.
Main results
  • Also socially disadvantaged older people can afford joining the club because activities are carried out on low budget (e.g. cake and coffee is served cost-effectively).
  • Volunteers who are interested in leading a group and in organising activities in a barrier-free meeting place can do so.
Contact nameMrs. Käthe Pumpernig
Contact telephone+43 316 472223
Promoting mental health
  • emotional support
Social participation and inclusion
  • social support, networks
  • volunteering
  • physical activity
More information on inclusion criteria
3. Multi-faceted, holistic
4. SustainabilityThe project has been on-going since the 1960ies. At the moment more than 500 older people are involved in the project in the city of Graz.
5. Voice of older peopleOlder people are empowered to convert their own ideas into practice. There is an emphasis on social exchange and older people are involved in all activities of the project. The group leaders are volunteers. So older people are active for other older people.
6. Model involves visible and invisible target groups 
7. Diversity 
8. Geographical and physical accessibility 
9. Well-grounded theoretical approach  
10. Gender sensitivity 
11. Cost effectiveness 
12. Empowerment 
13. Transferability 
14. Consumer satisfaction 
15. Public recognition/award 
16. Innovative strategy 


Background Information on Database

The aim of the second phase of the healthPROelderly project was to collect models of good practice in the area of health promotion for older people. One of the main activities in this project phase was to elicit criteria by which to choose such models in each of the participating countries. The exclusion criteria and inclusion criteria were elicited by all project partners on the basis of the literature overview of health promotion for older people carried out in the first project phase. Project partners searched for models in their countries by: 1) using the literature databases they had compiled; 2) by using health promotion databases and other information available on internet and 3) by consulting their national boards and other experts.

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