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Country Austria
ProjectnameActive and healthy in generational networks
Projectname (nationale language)Aktiv und Gesund im Generationenverbund
  • GEFAS Steiermark - Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Alterswissenschaften und des Seniorenstudiums an der Universität Graz
Link to organisationLink to organisation
Type of organisationpublic
Project managerMag. Dr. Rosemarie Kurz
Relevance of the modelInnovative project on health promotion for older people
  • Older men
  • Older women
  • Older workers
  • Younger and older people
  • City
Funded by
  • Land Steiermark
  • Steirische Gemeinden
  • Volunteer work
CityDifferent districts in Styria
Short summary“Active and healthy in generational bonds” is an intergenerational project of health promotion and prevention. Its aims are to connect the generations through shared physical and playful activities.
Main objectives
  • Fostering a mutual understanding through physical activities of the generations
  • Fair-play in dealing with one another
  • Raising awareness for health promotion in the lifecourse
  • Activation of health resources and self-help potentials
  • Increasing QOL with the help of physical, mental and social activities
  • Fostering of the integration of older people, especially those handicapped 
Main activities
  • Workshops in local institutions
  • Feast of the generations (with games connecting the generations)
  • Physical activities and fitness (running, gymnastics)
Main results
  • The project was carried out in 15 Styrian districts in the year 2000, app. 8.000 older people took part in the intergenerational programmes then. It was hard to motivate responsibles in local agencies to participate.
Contact nameMag. Günter Abraham (ASKÖ)
Social participation and inclusion
  • lifelong learning, education of older people
  • self-help groups
  • social support, networks
  • physical activity
More information on inclusion criteria
3. Multi-faceted, holisticThe project promotes a healtyh lifestyle with a main focus on physical activity but takes into account the mental and social factors of health, e.g. in promoting generational networks or the integration of older people into communities.
5. Voice of older people 
6. Model involves visible and invisible target groups 
7. Diversity 
8. Geographical and physical accessibility 
9. Well-grounded theoretical approach  
10. Gender sensitivity 
12. Empowerment 
14. Consumer satisfaction 
16. Innovative strategyThe applied strategy of the project is innovative, using theoretical input for older people, animiation programmes as well as the training of mulitplicators and other strategies to empower older people.


Background Information on Database

The aim of the second phase of the healthPROelderly project was to collect models of good practice in the area of health promotion for older people. One of the main activities in this project phase was to elicit criteria by which to choose such models in each of the participating countries. The exclusion criteria and inclusion criteria were elicited by all project partners on the basis of the literature overview of health promotion for older people carried out in the first project phase. Project partners searched for models in their countries by: 1) using the literature databases they had compiled; 2) by using health promotion databases and other information available on internet and 3) by consulting their national boards and other experts.

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