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Projectnumber: UK-6
Project which tackles isolation and social exclusion amongst the elderly in the community of South West London.

Keep Well This Winter
[Keep Well This Winter]
Projectnumber: UK-13
A campaign which aims to provide information and support to people aged 65 and over to enable them to keep well this winter

Pharmacist initiative in Barnet, Enfield and Haringey
[Pharmacist initiative in Barnet, Enfield and Haringey]
Projectnumber: UK-2
Fall prevention initiative involving community pharmacists who offered advice about medication and wider issues to do with falls prevention

+ plus life
[+ plus vida]
Projectnumber: ES-8
Health promotion by exercise and healthy habits.

Adapted bathing chairs and activities programmes at beaches
[Sillas anfibio y programa de actividad en las playas para personas dependientes]
Projectnumber: ES-4
The project fosters physical activity and enjoyment of leisure resources in the community.

Community project for falls prevention
[Proyecto Comunitario para prevenciĆ³n de caĆ­das]
Projectnumber: ES-10
Experts give advice on how to avoid falls to older people in healthcare settings, their homes and in the community

National Prevention Plan: Action for dealing with the effects of extreme temperatures on health
[Plan Nacional de Actuaciones Preventivas de los Efectos del Exceso de Temperaturas sobre la Salud .]
Projectnumber: ES-2
To reduce the impact of the extreme temperatures on the health of the general population.

Career plan for 50+
[Karierni nacrt 50+]
Projectnumber: SI-4
During this transitional period we have to discern who in fact we are, our goals in life and plans for the future.

Dancing in old age
[Ples v starosti]
Projectnumber: SI-9
Basic education in dancing and culture of different nations.

Better quality of life for older people
[Zagotovimo kvaliteto zivljenja ostarelim]
Projectnumber: SI-10
Education in working with older people.

Background Information on Database

The aim of the second phase of the healthPROelderly project was to collect models of good practice in the area of health promotion for older people. One of the main activities in this project phase was to elicit criteria by which to choose such models in each of the participating countries. The exclusion criteria and inclusion criteria were elicited by all project partners on the basis of the literature overview of health promotion for older people carried out in the first project phase. Project partners searched for models in their countries by: 1) using the literature databases they had compiled; 2) by using health promotion databases and other information available on internet and 3) by consulting their national boards and other experts.

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