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Hillingdon Case Managemant Programme
[Hillingdon Case Managemant Programme]
Projectnumber: UK-10
Targetting high resource users and vulnerable older people to minimise hospital admissions and improve the overall health of older people

Chair Based Exercise Project
[Chair Based Exercise Project]
Projectnumber: UK-9
Chair Based Exercise Project

Betreutes und animiertes Bewegen
[Betreutes und animiertes Bewegen]
Förderung der Bewegung bei älteren Menschen, insbesondere mit zurückgehender oder eingeschränkter Mobilität, im Rahmen eines Generationen-Aktiv-Parks mit geleiteten Bewegungsgruppen.

Projectnumber: UK-17
Creating a co-ordinated falls prevention approach using education, intervention and holistic assessment.

Aging and Health - Patient Education for Women
[Älterwerden und Gesundheit - Die Patientinnenschulung]
Projectnumber: DE-34
The Project addresses older women, locals as well as migrants, and aims at empowering participants to observe their rights as a patient.

Health Promotion for Older Migrants - The Göppingen Project
[Gesundheitsförderung bei älteren Migranten - Das Göppingen Projekt]
Projectnumber: DE-31
The Göppingen project is intended to counteract the isolation of older migrants with multilingual and multidisciplinary international team.

Healthy Aging in the District
[Gesund älter werden im Stadtteil]
Projectnumber: DE-19
The project aims at sensitising older socially disadvantaged people to health promotion programmes in their social environment/district.

Prevention of Falls in Nursing Homes
[Sturzprävention in stationären Wohn- und Pflegeeinrichtungen]
Projectnumber: DE-22
The project aims at preventing residents from falls and hip fractures through maintaining their mobility, safety and independence.

KompAs - Assuring Competent Aging
[KompAs - Kompetentes Altern sichern]
Projectnumber: DE-23
The project developed a supportive sports and social scientific programme to assure healthy aging for people with cognitive disabilities.

Campaign Addiction Prophylaxis. Work group older people
[Aktionskreis Suchtprophylaxe Arbeitsgruppe SeniorInnen]
Projectnumber: DE-21
The initiative is addressed to older people who either suffer from an addiction or are at risk to get addicted.

Background Information on Database

The aim of the second phase of the healthPROelderly project was to collect models of good practice in the area of health promotion for older people. One of the main activities in this project phase was to elicit criteria by which to choose such models in each of the participating countries. The exclusion criteria and inclusion criteria were elicited by all project partners on the basis of the literature overview of health promotion for older people carried out in the first project phase. Project partners searched for models in their countries by: 1) using the literature databases they had compiled; 2) by using health promotion databases and other information available on internet and 3) by consulting their national boards and other experts.

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