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Schulungen von älteren Menschen zu den Themen Ernährung, Bewegung, Motivation zu sozialen und geistigen Aktivitäten.

Reifer Lebensgenuss - ein Projekt für und mit Menschen 50plus
[Reifer Lebensgenuss - ein Projekt für und mit Menschen 50plus]
Initiative zur Entwicklung von gesundheitsförderlichen Angeboten und Maßnahmen für die Generation 50+ rund um Bad Gleichenberg

„Happy together” – Fitness and nutrition courses for migrants from Turkey
[„Gemeinsam Wohlfühlen – Bewegungs- und Ernährungskurs für Migrantinnen aus der Türkei“]
Projectnumber: AT-13
A project for older migrant women focusing on healthy nutrition and physical well-being.

Active and healthy in generational networks
[Aktiv und Gesund im Generationenverbund]
Projectnumber: AT-2
An intergenerational project with the aim to connect the generations through mutual physical activities

Active retirement
[Aktiver Lebensabend]
Projectnumber: AT-3
An on-going health promoting project fostering social interactions between older people based on volunteer work.

Moving stories, biographical work and theatre pedagogics in nursing homes
[Bewegte Geschichten, Biographiearbeit und Theaterpädagogik im Pflegeheim]
Projectnumber: AT-37
An intergenerational project aiming at memory training and exchange of memories.

Expert Patients
[Paciente Experto]
Projectnumber: ES-12
Teaching and self-help groups aimed at improving abilities in self-management of people with chronic diseases and their cargivers.

SIMA–PLUS: Project for the further developement and consolidation of the training programme SIMA
[SIMA–PLUS: Projekt zur Weiterentwicklung und Konsolidierung des Trainingsprogrammes „Selbstständig im Alter“ (SIMA)]
Projectnumber: AT-43
A training programme for older people to enhance their psycho motor functions and their QOL

Fit for 100
[Fit für 100]
Projectnumber: DE-30
Implementation of an efficient and targeted physical activity programme for old aged persons (aged 80 years or older).

Conversation Cafe for Older Citizens of Görlitz
[Erzählcafé für ältere Bürgerinnen und Bürger von Görlitz]
Projectnumber: DE-17
The conversation cafe is a meeting point for older people where they can discuss issues from the past or every day life

Background Information on Database

The aim of the second phase of the healthPROelderly project was to collect models of good practice in the area of health promotion for older people. One of the main activities in this project phase was to elicit criteria by which to choose such models in each of the participating countries. The exclusion criteria and inclusion criteria were elicited by all project partners on the basis of the literature overview of health promotion for older people carried out in the first project phase. Project partners searched for models in their countries by: 1) using the literature databases they had compiled; 2) by using health promotion databases and other information available on internet and 3) by consulting their national boards and other experts.

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